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Reviews on International Construction Contract Law

Svend Poulsen 

Chair FIDIC Contracts Updates
Task Group, Denmark

"Whether you read this book from cover to cover or as reference guide, you should realise that because of this book your contribution to more successful projects will have a higher value. The book gives you access to a treasure chest of knowledge collected by experienced engineers and contract managers - experience you can use when faced with the challenges projects bring - challenges that arise from the basic fundamental nature of projects themselves. We who work with projects know that successful projects give out positive energy and a good feeling of developing our society. With this book in hand, it is now your turn to feel the power of this positive energy."

Dr. Shuibo Zhang, FRICS, FCIOB, CIETAC Arb.

Professor of International Construction Contracts, Tianjin University, People's Republic of China

"The comprehensive knowledge conveyed in this book, in my personal judgement, will perfectly cater for the urgent needs of international construction professionals. I am confident that this new book will offer a great help for professionals to speak the same construction language in international projects and, in turn, will facilitate them in building a stairway to a better world in an efficient and harmonious way." 

His Honour Humphrey Lloyd QC

Judge, Arbitrator, UK

"... unusual and readable book ... generally unexceptionable ... could well be of value as a general introduction to international construction contracting to those coming to it for the first time..." 

Ilya Nikiforov

Attorney and Arbitrator, Russia

"There is a clear need and niche for this publication for many readers from across the globe - notably in new independent states and developing countries. The author approaches subject matters from their standpoint - that is, a non-native English speaking construction project participant in a new economy where the forms and principles may not be familiar to them. Mr Klee's practical and concise approach to issues will be welcomed by the busy practitioner."

Rebecca Dickson

Director, Society of Construction Law, Australia

"Dr Klee's book should have broad appeal in the Australian construction industry among lawyers and lawyers alike. The description of key concepts is thorough and the snapshots of relevant common law principles clearly articulated. Dr Klee cleverly connects the legal and the practical thereby bringing the performance and administration of construction contracts out of the theoretical realm into the real world. ... Dr Klee's discussion, observations and inquiry into what the future holds for international construction contracts is thought provoking and, pleasingly, interesting and enjoyable reading." 


Andrew Robertson and Juniper Watson 

Construction Lawyers in Australian Construction Law Bulletin

"International Construction Contract Law, is the first global construction text that addresses the most relevant topics to comprehensively complement your understanding of practising construction contract law in an international field... Construction projects continue to become more complex. It is inevitable that adding an international element will contribute an additional layer of complication. This book is as a reference guide for construction professionals globally, who seek to protect their contractual provisions from becoming lost in translation." 

John Twyford

Editor in Australian Construction Law Newsletter

"Given the increasing globalization of commerce it is essential that persons setting up the transactions understand the legal means at their disposal. ... This work makes an important and original contribution to the knowledge of those dealing with these transactions. ... It will be of immense use to consulting engineers, lawyers, clients, developers, contractors and construction managers worldwide and is highly recommended." 

Claudia Adalgiza Teodorescu

Contract Management and Dispute Resolution Expert in Journal Drumuri Poduri, Romania

"It is a comprehensive technical guide for the construction industry ... a 'must have' for all parties involved in a construction project ... author's substantial work has developed in time, based on his knowledge and personal experience and collaborating with experts from various regions of the world, in order to offer a complete assessment of the construction industry contracting formulas. " 

Jacob C. Jørgensen

Construction Lawyer, Denmark in
ASA Bulletin 10/2015  

"Lukas Klee's 'International Construction Contract Law' is a useful contribution to the doctrine of international construction law. The book is well written and contains a wealth of practically useful information, which will help in-house lawyers, external lawyers, engineers, project managers, and other professionals who are involved in the negotiation and/or management of major international construction contracts."

Ali Bennani

Construction Lawyer, France
in Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Immobilier   

"Several authors and practitioners recognized in the field of international construction provided assistance to Lukas Klee in further specifying certain notions according to their particular cultural and professional profiles. ...  It follows from all the observations that Lukas Klee's book is of great interest and value to professionals of international construction sector as well as for academics and instructors." 

Bernd Ehle

Attorney and Arbitrator, Switzerland
in Construction Law International

"Some books quickly become 'go-to' books in their field, in particular because they are user-friendly, practical and succinct, yet comprehensive. Lukas Klee's book on international construction contract law falls into this category and would be a worthy addition to the bookshelf of every reader of Construction Law International. Lawyers and non-lawyers alike will appreciate the author's hands-on and real-life approach."

Robert Parry

Construction Lawyer, UK, in Civil Engineering Surveyor

"International Construction Contract Law will be invaluable to those operating in the international construction market and undoubtedly will become a practitioner's go-to guide on the subject."

Jacopo Monaci Naldini LL.M., FCIArb  

Construction Laywer, Italy

"Il testo, sia per la sua completezza che per la sua facilità di lettura e possibilità di individuare immediatamente un particolare tema di interesse, rappresenta un riferimento ideale per le imprese che già operano brillantemente nel settore degli appalti internazionali, così come per tutte le altre imprese che intendono sviluppare lo stesso mercato che si presenta molto attraente ma non privo di difficoltà."

Daniel Alcon

Contract Manager, UK

"At last! This is the book I have been waiting for these last 20+ years I have been working with FIDIC contracts or their derivatives, especially since 1999! It's a book that talks to FIDIC users in a language they should easily understand without requiring an in-depth knowledge of the law. It answers questions which often come to mind when education in common law principles is tested in a civil law environment or vice versa."

Pablo Laorden Mengual, Lawyer, Spain

"Lukas Klee es ampliamente conocido por la comunidad FIDIC, tanto por sus diferentes publicaciones sobre el tema, como por sus siempre interesantes presentaciones en congresos y conferencias. Los que hemos tenido la suerte de leerle, escucharle y conversar con él sobre estos asuntos apreciamos la claridad con que expone sus ideas, la capacidad de identificar aspectos conflictivos, y la precisión de sus propuestas de mejora."